Galilee, Jenin and Jerusalem

In May of  this year (2011) I worked with Peace builders
in Jaffa and The Galilee, Jenin, Nablus and Jerusalem


Call and Response songs and a story or two with
Palestinian children from Shefa-Amr in the Galilee, Israel.

No inhibition to having fun

Performing at the Sha'ar le Adam Peace Festival with
an audience of Jews and Palestinians,
  Muslims and Druze
Israelis, Christians, Atheists and a Buddhist or two

Al Kamandjati Association - Jenin
offering Palestinian children
the discovery of a cultural heritage

Life in Jenin is tough but music plays a
profound role in the lives of these boys.

Excellent music education despite, or
in spite, of the occupation

At the entrance to the cramped refugee camp of Jenin, lots of space is given to The Horse of Jenin, 'Al hissan.' The horse, the symbol of strength and sturdiness is made from the wrecked cars, homes, and an ambulance, in which a local doctor was killed, during the relentless attacks by the Israeli Defence Force in 2002.
 240 homes were destroyed, but the people were determined to rebuild and, with the help of 12 local teenagers  and the German artist Thomas Kilpper, create a lasting monument out of the ruins.